Tyne and Wears Premier Aesthetic Beauty Clinic

Established over ten years ago in South Shields, we are experts in making you look younger and healthier using state of the art equipment and techniques that can reverse damage cause by years of abuse.

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Body Shaping & Slimming Treatments

- Radio-Frequency Fat Reduction/Cavitation & Skin Tightening
- Infra-Red Slimming Capsule
- Slimming Body Wrap
Full list on treatment page

Facial Treatments

Jill Butler Nurse Prescriber.Cert Ed has been doing aesthetic beauty treatments for over ten years and consults for one of the biggest companies in the UK. Whether you want to remove lines or have younger looking skin, Jill can help you.

Beauty Treatments

We have a wide range of methods at our disposal for making you as beautiful or handsome as you can be. These range from hair removal to dead skin removal to bring out youthful skin with a healthy glow.


We have a number of packages we put together and depending on what you hope to achieve we can tailor them to getting the most benefit for your money.

Jill Butler is a fully certified and highly respected Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. She trains people worldwide as well as being a consultant for the leading non-surgical aesthetic clinic in the UK.