Thank you for stopping by, your name will be placed onto a list and we will contact you when our training courses are available. We will contact you via sms text once only. We operate a first come first served basis.

You will be used as a facial model or practical model in our training centre in South Shields.


You will be modelling for trained medical delegates . You will be on our list until you unsubscribe.

All models will be accepted for FREE, our model price list is below:


Model Price List

  • Injectable  aesthetic cosmetic treatment from £55 (Botox & Dermal Filler)

  • Beauty Skin treatment £10

  • Microneedling £25

  • Profhilo £55

  • Sculptra £125 per treatment

  • Lanluma £100 per treatment

  • Voltaic Arc Plasma £55 per treatment area

  • Facial Diagram model  *Free

*Facial diagram models are used to outline face shapes and anatomy only , NO physical treatment is performed.


The registration fee is free. We do not share personal information with anyone not working for Aesthetic Expert Clinic & Training Centre.


You will need to pay immediately for your treatment above if you are selected via credit or debit card when you call.

If you wish to contact us before registration please call 0191 454 0830

All valid & current models on our previous registration scheme will be entered into the new agreement above after 12 months from their initial registration unless they contact us to be removed.


Models can be removed by emailing