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Eyebrow lifts can be created by using Bocouture this can elevate depression and heaviness of the eyebrow area. 


We can also add dermal filler to the nose to create a complete nose re shape.


We can give you more defined and elegant cheekbones from £220.


Using Bocouture or dermal filler we can create and redefine the lower part of your face.


Smooth out those smile lines with our precise injections. From £220.


All our appointments start from meeting you and getting to know your face and what your expectations are. Free consultations are available by calling the clinic. Please note we only perform safe dermal filler treatments,Lips,Cheeks,Jaw,Nasolabial Folds and Marionettes and also Dorsal Hump. We do not offer any further dermal filler treatments. If unsure please call and ask.