Acne - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


A close up look of the pathophysiology of acne, the causes, symptoms and how to treat this effectively in clinic. 


The course is delivered online 


o  Layers of the skin 

o  Different types of follicles and their role in acne

o  Follicle anatomy

o  Barrier function 

o  Skin and the immune system 

o  Acne bacteria and the role of fatty acids

o  Skin inflammation

o  How acne develops

o  Inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne 

o  Comedonal versus inflammatory acne 

o  Scarring 

o  Genetics and acne

o  Hyperkeratosis 

o  Keloids 

o  Sensitive skin 

o  Hormones role in acne

o  Puberty

o  Premenstrual breakouts

o  Pregnancy and acne 

o  Perioral dermattitis 

o  Birth control pills and acne 

o  Acne and menopause

o  Environmental factors 

o  Weather effects on the skin 

o  Contact acne 

o  Acne detergicans 

o  Occupational acne 

o  Greasy work environments 

o  Steroids and acne 

o  Contact acne 

o  Diet and acne

o  Cosmetic acne 

o  Client consultation 

o  Products for homecare 

o  In salon treatments

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Your course will be studied through distance learning, meaning you can learn the course at a time and place that suits you. Your course materials will be available to you online via tutorial videos. This course is 7 parts