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These include:

– population density and size;

- national and social group of inhabitants OnlineCasinoItaliani.

This type includes any settlement: village, district, city. Agree that a city block inhabited by declassed elements is unlikely to be of high value when buying residential real estate. However, if the area is densely populated and the commercial space here can be rented out as a liquor store, commercial real estate will bring high returns to the owner.

It is important to note that the main value of real estate is still the “product of human labor”, namely, cultivated land, artificial water source, erected fortification or built house. So real estate has new characteristics.

Irrigation systems added value to land. (Photo courtesy of


Specifications include:

– material and quality of construction;

– condition and degree of wear;

- area and dimensions;

– energy class of the object;

- type and class of heating, water supply and communications;

– transport communications and accessibility.


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